I’m going to be a dad

I have to say it again… I’m going to be a DAD.

Everyone is different. For some, the news that they’re going to be a dad is terrifying. It’s a lot of sudden responsibility, worry, and wonder about how much life is about to change. You’ve seen it in the movies where the wife or girlfriend tells the husband or boyfriend and he either starts panicking or he’s beside himself happy. For me, it was the latter of the two scenarios.

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Surviving Week 1 of Insanity Max:30

I’m currently a few days into week 2 of Shaun T’s new Insanity MAX:30 home workout program and I have to say, it’s one hell of a workout! All the jumping, squatting, punching, jumping, crunches and more jumping made me max out in under 10 minutes every day last week. Let me rewind and explain why I’m doing this…

A few weeks ago, the Mrs and I were talking about how much we’ve missed working out lately. For some reason life had taken over and we had just stopped doing any kind of extra physical activity for the last few months. For two people that met at the gym, this isn’t a good thing but with all the things happening in our lives (getting married, moving, getting pregnant and two honeymoons) we didn’t want to be too hard ourselves for the little bit of extra weight or ‘soft muscle’ we cultivated.

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