The Eastern Promises Czech Pilsner

Last night, I picked up a six pack of Russell Brewing Companies Eastern Promises Czech Pilsner. I’ve never had this particular Pilsner but I had heard great things so I figured why not give it a try.

The Eastern Promises Czech Pilsner is super easy to drink beer with tastes of golden malts, a hint of crispy spice, all of which comes together nicely for a smooth and clean finish. We paired this beer with a few pizza’s from Panago and I have to say it was a great match. With a low IBU of only 35, even the Mrs enjoyed this smooth and easy drinking Pilsner. The Czech pilsner is delicious and refreshing and definitely one I’ll remember and purchase again. 

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I’m cancelling my Rogers phone protection plan

I’ve been a Rogers customer for a few years now. I’ve also been an iPhone user since the first iPhone hit the shelves. So naturally, when Rogers offered me a phone protection plan where if ‘anything’ happens to my phone they’ll replace it with no questions asked, all for $10/month I should add, I naturally said yes.

See, I’ve cracked every screen on every iPhone I’ve ever had. I’m clumsy and my phone often drops out of my pocket when I go to reach for it or I’m trying to do to many things at once and… well I’ve cracked a lot of screens. So, when the Rogers employee that sold me my contract and iPhone 5s told me about this new protection plan, I figured it was a no brainer. A no brainer until I actually cracked my screen.

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My Portland Brew Tour

A while back, while there was a foot of snow on the ground back in Edmonton, my good friend Dan and I decided to get away for a guys weekend to Portland. Neither of us had ever been before and we both loved craft beer so we figured why not…

Portland is a very clean city with beautiful old buildings, tons of greenery and more craft breweries than you can shake a stick at. It’s a beer lovers dream come true. A place where you can walk around a fairly small downtown and visit some of North America’s most popular brew sites while popping in and out of ones that don’t ship outside the Oregon borders.

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Is Jlo desperate for fans?

Like most guys, I’m all for beautiful women looking great it very revealing clothing, but I can’t believe that Jennifer Lopez actually made this video and released it to the world. I mean Miley Cyrus I get, even though her wrecking ball video was criticized all over the web, because she’s young and needs the publicity but really?! Jlo is going to drench herself in water and oil while wearing a small one piece singing a song about her booty and where the word ‘booty’ is mentioned 37 times!?

My only question for Jlo is, what bet did you lose? 

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24 hours in Napa Valley

As part of Mrs Turny and I’s mini-moon in San Francisco, we rented a 2014 Mustang convertible and drove north across the Golden Gate Bridge to Napa Valley! See, I had origianlly told Mrs Turny that we would be doing some wine tasting in Kelowna, BC during our mini-moon. So, since I changed the location, I thought it would at least be good of me to keep part of the original plan in tact.

I planned on diving up to Napa one day, hitting up as many wineries as possible, spending the night, and then driving back the next day to capture more of that San Francisco greatness…

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Mini Mooning in San Francisco

On August 15, 2014 I married my best friend and the love of my life. Many of you may know her as @MrsTurny and if you know us at all, you know we like to surprise each other. So, when it came time to book a mini-moon for the 5 days after our wedding, I took the opportunity as a surprise challenge!

You see, Mrs Turny is a teacher and has the whole summer off. Naturally you’d think she has a ton of time to get shit planned and done for the wedding. Ya, not the case. We had a crazy summer and needed a get away after the wedding. So, we decided way ahead of time that because of the cost of the wedding, and short amount of time we had between the wedding and her going back to work, that we would jump in the car and drive to Kelowna for a few days of wine and relaxation. She loved the idea and didn’t think about it again until the day after the wedding. Perfect. 

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Salmon fishing in Bamfield, BC

In my last post, I shared about Paul, Dan and I’s West Coast Trail five day adventure. In that post, I mention that our original plan for completing the trail was six days but that we finished it in five. With an extra evening and day to do whatever we wanted to do, we headed into the town of Bamfield for some pub food and pints.

After a couple of well deserved hours at the Bamfield Pub, we asked the bartender if she knows of anyone that might be available to take us fishing the following day. Her immediate response was “Yup, give me one second” and she waived down a guy sitting in the corner of the pub. Fifteen minutes and $600 later, we were set to meet up with Captain Scott from the Hawkeye Marine Group at 6:30am for our half day chartered Salmon fishing trip! Guys week just got a whole lot better!

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Hiking the West Coast Trail

If you’ve ever hiked before than chances are you’ve heard about the West Coast Trail. It’s a trail that many talk about and have on their ‘to-do’ lists but not many actually complete.

This past August, my good friends Paul, Dan and myself hit the trail with a plan to finish it in six days. With luck on our side, and no rain, we ended up finishing the trail in amazing five days. Here’s a quick day-by-day photo tour of our experience on the trail.

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For the love of Star Wars

When it comes to Star Wars, Star Trek or any TV series that involves traveling through deep space to far off planets I was the kid (actually myself and my two brothers) that would watch every single episode religiously on Saturdays. So, when the Star Wars exhibit came to town, my good friend Rosvick (also a Star Wars nerd) and I snagged a few tickets and took an afternoon to step back in time. 

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The Ideal Protein Diet with real food

The last 6-8 months of my life have been pretty hectic. From family health problems to the wedding, travel, a new job and so many other things that have popped up, it’s been a very very busy few months. So busy in fact that I haven’t consistently (3-4 days per week) worked out in well over 5 months! That’s a really really long time for me as I’m usually the guy that keeps pretty regular hours at the gym.

All that being said, I still managed to lose a bit of weight (12 pounds) and keep it off during this crazy time. How you ask? Well, the short version of the story is that a friend of mine recently lost 40 pounds on the Ideal Protein Diet so I looked into it…

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